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Dream State
There are some things that cannot be seen such as your desires and dreams. You can see them in your mind and wish for them with all your might, but in reality they must be sought to make them real and express the desires of the heart.

To see the unseen we must first see what is in plain sight. Things that we see which are a factor of the intangible concepts to complex to be controlled. Look into the simple and find what most do not know.

Look at the simple and what do you find but thoughts that managed to escape the conundrum known as the mind. The mind is so complex, yet creates meaning so simple to share. The mind is full of emotions and feeling so complex. Stuff from the mind that seems to come from nowhere.

So you see the simple that expands the mind. It is filled with puzzles, patterns, and series so sublime. Things that explain the complex as we see it in our frame of time. Time is another thing so simple, yet describes the complex, all relative to its frame of reference.

So you want to see the complex, intangible things we may not understand and achieve a height at which all things can be seen. Ah, but you forgot you missed the simple pleasures of life. You forgot your journey is limited by time.

Along your journey what did you find? Something that was never discovered before? You could be lost in this journey of the mind. Look not only within your own mind and share your feelings with friends, because in an attempt to find the surreal you need to express your ability to feel.

I hope what you are looking for you find. Discoveries of the sciences, maths, and art, or a friend to share all of these creative thoughts. The answers will come in time. The desires you dream when searched for are yours to find.