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From: C. JohnsonSent: Tue 7/22/08 4:02 AM
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I’ve been working strictly in theory on something similar, but I’m no math whiz (I actually develop neural networks to solve things I can’t fully wrap my head around) – it’s similar to your work so I’d like to discuss some of it and see what you think.

It involves a log spiral equation and the general theory of relativity – with gravity being a prime value, the distribution of the encryption would change significantly as the spiral became larger – but since we’re introducing a type of multi-dimensional encryption (I can draw it out on paper pretty well) the spiral can be much smaller and still produce proper results.

I’ve considered seeding the encryption with a common seed (time?) and then storing that openly because once they have that value – it will ‘flatten’ the distribution requiring only the original key to decrypt.

Let me know if I’m just crazy…

C. Johnson


My Reply

C. Johnson,

That is a great idea to use the log spiral for encryption instead of decryption and looking for patterns. I have wondered the same myself, but I am still studying cryptography on my own. It definitely is an area to explore.

But...there is a but...the theory of the log spiral must be proven to work. If it does work it changes cryptography as we know it. That is, we will know many large Prime numbers. Most encryption relies on Prime numbers. The log spiral encryption probably could be implemented without Primes. That is why you are looking for ways to describe the log spiral. If you made a logarithmic spiral and hide the information (the points of interests or numbers) with in a log spiral it would be near impossible to find the points because the points do not have to be in a pattern. It would be stenography combined with traditional cryptography.

I’m really not a physics or math expert. As far as relating gravity to log spirals, there is something to explore there. Isn’t a black hole the visual representation of gravity and also a log spiral? My work with log spiral tries to find patterns among series of numbers, perhaps there is a pattern to be found here.

I am glad that you found my work and are bringing new ideas to it. I know the concept is there, we just have to work to prove the importance of log spirals.

May the Creative Force be with You,