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Welcome to a new section of Constructor’s Corner: Corners

The purpose of this new section is to share work that is not completely my own. It could be anything from my solution to a problem someone suggested to group projects. I will state what is not my work. That way I can show topics of interest while giving credit to the Constructor who made them. But that is not all, it is to get feedback and work from “Other Constructors” (OC).

The graphics will be basic until content builds and forms a way to organize that data. For now just click the links in the table below.



For the first section of Corners I would like to challenge you to solve a problem that I have been working on since March 2007. Why have I put so much effort into this problem? The next paragraph will explain all.

We start with an approximate involute. (By the way, an involute is a type of logarithmic spiral.) This approximate involute has Prime values that occur every Pi radians. From the equations we derive a polynomial equation which is the parabola. This parabola was found by substituting 2 known Prime numbers that occur in a series. However the parabola is true for all values. However on the theory that all parabolas can be described by a logarithmic spiral, we use the equation of a logarithmic spiral and take the values of the parabola to solve the equation of the logarithmic spiral. This is the important step! We must be sure that we have truly found the logarithmic spiral which is defined by the parabola. If we did there should be a distinguishable pattern of Prime numbers on the logarithmic spiral.

The part that relates to Corners is verifying the answer. This has to be proved.