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I have been trying to find as much information as I could on the late Milton Field. I found his memorial in the 2009 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It mentioned an interview in 1978 about the code he broke that was useful in the Battle of the Bismarck. I need the date of this article because the librarian researches will not check the entire year of newspapers.

I have tried to contact his family. I have also tried to contact the editor of the article Joyce Gannon. None have worked.

If you are wondering why I find this interesting, it is because it is cryptography in action. WWII starts the modern age of cryptography and one of the main reasons the computer was invented. Mr. Field also helped develop bar codes which is another form of cryptography. How would are stores work today without bar codes?

Before the mid-1970s cryptography was secret and not something those who knew about it shared with others. It would be interesting to see what Mr. Field revealed about it.

If you have any information or contact info about cryptography please contact me at the contact on the menu bar.