There were many developments for 3D graphics in the 1990's. That is quite an understatement. Powerful computers had finally became affordable. Directors started using 3D graphics in movies. But with all the advancements the simple fact that to the laymen 3D software was unaffordable. Or was it?

In August 1996 I purchased a copy of IMSI Turbo Cad 3.0 for $100. With it came a free 3D cad program, Turbo Cad 3D. Granted, it was not the most powerful 3D graphics suite, but for just being introduced to a 3D suite it was amazing. It did not rotate the scene in real time. The user had to type in an angle. It also relied on basic shapes. But it didn’t matter.

With a new Star Trek movie released, I figured I’d show a sample drawing which was included among the examples of Turbo Cad 3D. It is a 3D view of the original Enterprise. I have included a picture showing the Turbo Cad 3D interface and also have a dxf drawing the will open in most CAD programs. Enjoy!

Download DXF file here