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Many years have passed since Klapaucius commanded Trurl’s N-machine to do “nothing”. And now the whole world knows the disaster caused by Klapaucius the has left the area with vast areas of nothingness. Many things in the world no longer exist.

Trurl’s machine turned out to be truly remarkable, but unfortunately it can only recreate those things that begin with “n”. But Trurl is quite the constructor. He theorizes that we live in a world based on “numbers”, which just so happens to begin with “n”. If the N-machine will do numbers, Trurl believes we can rebuild the Universe using those numbers in formulas. Everything can be described by numbers, so if the N-machine can “do nothing” and erase the Universe, it can do numbers to create and restore the Universe.

It would be nice to have a tribute to Stanislaw Lem here on Constructor’s Corner. This excerpt from his first story in “The Cyberaid”. The link to read the story is at:


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