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So what have we just discovered? That is a good question.

We have just found what length of segment would have to be added to the radius to maintain either the same cosine or sine. In other words, the length of the cosine or sine (depending on if you take where you take the perpendicular from) or “x distance” or “y distance” stays the same, but the length need to maintain that distance at an a greater angle increases.

First this is another tool in or arsenal of trigonometric theorems and laws. Secondly I believe if you add on to this technique you can solve angles by how much the cosine or sine changes. These theories are incomplete and a hard to find discovery possibly lies ahead.

That is why I have posted this math exercise. I want to get people to work on this idea and discover more about it. The message board is up and running and is awaiting intellectual interaction.

May the creative force be with you,